Wednesday, 6 August 2008

There but for the grace….

Yesterday we had a jolly gathering. Brian (back) and Jackie (hips) came round to see husband Geoff (knee) who has recently been in hospital. I got the kettle on as they came up the drive and Jackie (hips) presented me with a Birds’ cake box. “Hello,” she said, “I’m trying to loose weight. I’ve brought us all a custard tart.” They were yummy! Before long the doorbell rang. It’s a new one from Wilco’s and plays the Westminster Chimes so my first reaction was to look at the clock. On the doorstep stood Betty (grazed shin) from next -door-but-one returning my Savlon spray. She didn’t come in, but was soon followed by Bill (knees) from next-door-but-two in the other direction who sat himself on the sofa and sought advise on his current complaint (knees). General response was, “Keep your own as long as you can”, and he left.

Today, as we lazed in bed, Barrie-Next-Door (heart) trundled past the window, returning our wheelie-bin. Life is full of excitement! I shall go for a bit of light relief tomorrow and take my Mum (hip) to visit friend Brenda (knee).

[I would like to acknowledge the help and support afforded to me in my writing by my sports’ journalist son, Martin (back).]