Monday, 21 September 2009

Apology and Explanation

I have a reader who is unimpressed by my progress on New Year’s Resolutions. I can’t say that I am very proud of myself either. I would like to report, though, that I have made some progress with the ‘paper’ which was threatening to take me over. And of course I have read! The problem lies in the fact that I have not reviewed as promised. I can only cite laziness. I have a habit of lying in bed in the early morning and going through the day in my head. That includes writing my blog, letters to the paper, conversations which I intend to have, ‘phoning friends with whom I have had no contact for far too long and occasionally decorating and extending the house. My problem is that by the time I get up I have that cosy feeling that I have done it all, so I just take a walk or do a bit of gardening. I feel somewhat humbled by the fact that my ‘old’ school and university friend Margaret Norris (aka Marg Tivey), has actually appeared in print with a slim volume of short stories. I have been meaning to ‘phone her about it……

This is the time of year when Christmas starts to creep up on you again. Displays in the shops and catalogues through the door are one thing but singing carols in September is quite another. Unfortunately that is one of the minus sides of belonging to a choir and needing to get in enough practice time. It is the same with Handbell Ringing as the focus of our activity is around ‘that time of year’. I used to put my foot down and refuse to play anything Christmasssy until after half-term. Amidst teasing on the subject, I admit to having given in on the basis that since I retired the seasons have become a bit blurry anyway. After all, there are lots of good thing about this time of year. We have picked blackberries and the apples are almost ready. There is that lovely autumny feeling in the air. There’s still time to snatch another little holiday. The classical concert and NFL seasons starts again. And there are still more than three months until Christmas.